Obesity in Dogs

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The word obesity means excessive fat or excessive weight, and obesity in dogs refers to the extra fat on their body. Obesity can be the root cause of many serious diseases in dogs, and eventually, it can eventually shorten your dog’s life. One of the most common reasons for obesity is that your dog intakes more calories than he burns. However, there are numerous other causes for the rising rate of obesity in dogs.


There are many factors that can cause obesity in dogs

·      Age is a big element. With increasing age, many dogs face joint problems and become less active than before. It can cause an increase in their weight.

·      If you don’t involve your dog in outdoor activities that help burn those extra calories, he can be at risk of becoming obese.

·      Just like humans, some dogs are also genetically prone to gaining weight.

·      A physical injury due to which your dog can’t walk or play for a long time can cause obesity.

signs to look for

You can detect the change in his physical condition and behavior that tell if your dog is becoming overweight. You will notice

·      Tiredness

·      Ribs are invisible due to extra fat

·      Bigger face

·      Heavy breathing

·      Laziness

·      Saggy Abdomen

prevention and treatment

If your dog is suffering from obesity, you can take the following measures to make them better.

·      Make them physically active. More exercise and long walks will burn more fat.

·      Change their diet. Go for the options that have less fat and more fiber.

·      Make a diet plan. Serve them small portions many times a day instead of two big meals.

·      Cut down any unnecessary treats.

pro tip

 If nothing is helping to decrease his weight, take your dog to the vet and get him tested and treated to avoid any unwanted situations in the future.

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